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Are You Being Accused of Misconduct?

Meet with a business litigation attorney in Owings Mills, MD

If you're being accused of business misconduct, hiring a litigation attorney will help you through the process. Bruce L. Mann, Esquire works with clients in the Owings Mills, Maryland area who are facing misconduct charges. Attorney Mann will build a solid defense and represent you in court.

Business misconduct is not a small accusation. Having legal representation will help you move through this process more smoothly. Call Bruce L. Mann, Esquire today to schedule your consultation.

4 examples of business misconduct

Business misconduct covers a variety of accusations. If you're going through a commercial lawsuit, you need a litigation attorney who can handle it all.

Four of the most common types of business misconduct include...

  1. Malpractice
  2. Fraud
  3. Misrepresentation
  4. Defamation
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