Child or Spousal Support

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Children are often the ones most deeply affected by the outcome of a divorce. Maintain their quality of life and avoid financial hardships with the appropriate support payments. You can turn to Bruce L. Mann, Esquire for a skilled family law attorney in Owings Mills, MD.

Whether you're seeking reduced payments or increased assistance, a child support attorney will guide you through the legal process. Call 410-998-2003 today to discuss the details of your case with a child support attorney.

What factors go into the alimony judgement?

When marriages aren’t held together with equal incomes, a split can leave one party in serious financial hardship. A spousal support attorney can provide you with assistance during the alimony process. A judge will consider a variety of factors in his decision, including the:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Circumstances leading to divorce
  • Employment status of each spouse
  • Financial needs of each spouse

Even the age and physical condition of each party can play a vital role. Hire a spousal support attorney to present strong arguments and appeals on your behalf.