Child Custody

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Fight for Your Parental Rights

Retain a child custody attorney in Owings Mills, MD

One of the most stressful parts of getting a divorce is dealing with the custody arrangements. You don't want to lose your parental rights, but you also want to make sure that your children have a good relationship with their other parent. Draft a fair custody agreement with the help of a family law attorney. Bruce L. Mann, Esquire has helped countless clients across Owings Mills, MD negotiate child custody agreements.

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How could your custody agreement affect your parental rights?

If you're getting divorced, you need to hire a child custody attorney. Whoever gets sole custody of your children will be able to...

  • Make decisions about their health care
  • Play a large role in your children's education
  • Determine if and when you see your children

Make sure that you stay a part of your children's lives. Make an appointment with a family law attorney in Owings Mills, MD today.